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About BBC Inspections

britannia-building-inpsectorsVision Statement
It is our mission to be the premier building consulting and inspection firm in Georgia and Florida. It is our goal to have our name synonymous with integrity, excellence, and reliability.

Who We Are
Britannia Building Consultants, Inc. (BBC) is a family-owned building inspection and construction consultation company founded by David Booth, who was a pioneer of the industry in the mid 1980’s and who has personally performed over 12,000 property inspections. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who share his vision for the company.

Our Philosophy
We believe in fully educating our clients about the condition of the property inspected. Our objective is for our clients to have a completely clear understanding of the inspected items and have the utmost confidence to make their property purchasing and selling decisions. We are not just another group of inspectors. We want our clients to feel as though we are their educational partners in the process. For this reason, we encourage client participation when we’re hired to consult on a property.

Our reports will provide a clear picture of a property’s condition every time. We inspect every building as though a family member were purchasing it.

Social Responsibility

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Our Home Inspectors

The BBC Consultant:
Our consultants must meet several requirements to be considered part of the BBC team. Five years minimum experience in the construction industry is needed, along with a State Home Inspector license for our Florida based inspectors (and State Home Inspector license in Georgia if/when required), and membership in the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). They must participate in an apprenticeship program that includes 250 fee-paid inspections before they are able to perform a solo inspection for you. Along with stringent in-house training, this ensures that you will get a consistent and accurate BBC inspection every time. Our consultants must meet or exceed the knowledge-enhancing continuing education requirements to maintain their ASHI membership. It is this cutting-edge knowledge, as well as our excellent communication and people skills that keeps us at the top of the industry.

What to Expect

  • Reliability: When you work BBC, you know you’re receiving unparalleled customer service. We will be on-time and will have all of the tools we need to perform an exceptional inspection and provide accurate reports for the state of the property.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy is one of our core values. Accuracy in an inspection is vital and determines our ability to identify and understand the root of a problem. We ensure accuracy through stringent training, continuing education, and an apprenticeship program.
  • Consistency: We pride ourselves on the consistency of our inspectors and reports provided to our clients. After 40,000+ inspections in Georgia and Florida, consistency is what has allowed us to maintain our reputation in the industry.

Why bbc Inspections

“Reliability reinforced with consistent accuracy is what makes BBC Mountain Home & Building Inspections the premier inspection company in the North Georgia area.”

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