Here are a few testimonials from some of our clients and industry professionals.

BBC Inspections aims to be the premier building inspection company in Georgia by providing exemplary service and value.

J. Maxwell – Homeowner
BBC Inspections actually helped me to save my money! The Annual Maintenance Inspection that they recently did for me identified home repairs that I would not have otherwise known about until they became much more severe and expensive to fix! Britannia not only told me what was wrong, but also what to do to fix it and approximately how much it would cost. Knowing this information empowers me to be proactive and to deal effectively with contractors. I trust BBC Inspections because they’re objective and just give me the facts! I plan to do this every year to protect my home investment.
J. Carnes – Homeowner
This year I got just what I wanted: MONEY! $600 to be exact, but that’s just the start of it! By getting a wind mitigation inspection I was able to receive an instant $600 rebate but I will also save $1,100 each year for five years totaling $5,500 on the wind portion of my homeowner’s insurance. My total in savings and rebates over the next five years will be $6,100! I’m ecstatic! Not bad for an inspection that takes less than an hour and is so inexpensive! In my opinion this is much better than buying a lottery ticket!
John Sample - builder
I have personally known and worked with David Booth for over 20 years. A number of homes I have built have been inspected by BBC Inspections for the buyers and they have always been very thorough and professional. The BBC name is synonymous with top quality home inspections, and I give them the highest recommendation and endorsement. www.sampleproperties.com
Ron Hytoff - Homeowner
I’ve had the opportunity to use BBC services three times in the past ten years. They were my consultants on my home purchases and performed in a professional, courteous and energetic manner. BBC’s reports are easy to understand, they represented my interests quite well and saved me a great deal of money and heartache. I feel comfortable recommending BBC to anyone.
Jason O’Neil, Real estate specialist - Palermo Listings
BBC Inspections have become a trusted partner of mine in the home buying and selling process for my clients. Their experience, knowledge and candor have allowed my clients to make well informed decisions about what is often their largest investment. In this day and age it is truly wonderful to work with a company which has the integrity that BBC displays. www.southtamparealestatecenter.com
Thomas J. Wisdo, President/Entomologist, CPO - Impact Pest Management
Impact Pest Elimination performs hundreds of termite inspections for prospective home buyers, and we work with many home inspectors. Unequivocally, the BBC Inspection team is superior in every way to the majority of such firms in the area. They have unlimited knowledge of all types of construction and are extremely thorough. In addition, their interaction with buyers, sellers and realtors is impeccable. As a company that continually strives to excel, Impact enjoys working with a firm that shares a commitment to excellence and the synergy created between us benefits everyone involved in the transaction. www.impactpest.com
Betty and Scott Kennedy - Coldwell Banker Realty
BBC Inspections is the home inspection company we have always been able to rely on. Their expertise, willingness to help and go the extra mile gives us the confidence in knowing we can recommend them and trust them to our most discerning clients.
Mary Esther Parker, Realtor - Smith and Associates
For more than 20 years, David Booth of BBC Inspections has been my first choice to do home inspections. He is a whiz with the old historic homes as well as new construction. He stands behind his work and has done much to help standardize the inspection industry standards in South Tampa. I am quite proud of the things I have learned from hearing his post-inspection reports, having attended all my buyers’ inspections as well as being present when it’s my seller’s home being inspected. His preventive maintenance suggestions are always on target and a real gift to the new home owner. Even though we were not selling, David inspected our home of 30 years.